Kivos Alerts

Features description

Alerts on events

Get alerts with specific events: machine events, player’s entry, etc. You decide what you are interested in. Meter changes: Slot meters, table meters, player meters…everything can be used as input data. You set what alerts you want to receive. Is a simple meter’s change observation too little? Use results of the statistical calculations as your information source. Combine everything together to get a truly sophisticated alert system.

Full configuration of all alerts available for administrators

Use preconfigured alerts that are available for you out of the box or create your own. We believe that you are the one who knows your business best, so Kivos Alarms will let you set up all parameters and factors that have to be monitored.

Integrates data from all modules

Need to react to situations at the cash desk and inform the surveillance department? Want to get alerted when a table’s performance falls? Need to get once-a-day email with incoming birthdays of your best clients? Not a problem… Kivos Alarms integrates data from all modules: Cash Desk, Tables, Slots, Reception, CRM, and Surveillance.

Alerts that will always reach you (SMS or Email)

All notifications are visible immediately at any Kivos module(s) that you have chosen in the alert configuration. You can also choose a group of users or a single one as receiver. Our alerts will always reach you. If you are not in the casino, you will get a notification after you log in again. For those, who are not tied to their own desk, Kivos Alarms offers emails and SMS. Set up your phone number and enjoy being the best-informed casino manager ever.

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