Kivos Reception

Features description

Tired of taking five minutes to register a single customer only to have to do it again two weeks later? Improve your system—change it to Kivos Reception!

ID document reader integration

Register players at your front desk in seconds with no mistakes. With Kivos Reception, you can use passport readers with optical and RFID detection. Get all your necessary forms automatically filled in with recognized data. Check visitors against barring lists. With Kivos Reception, it’s simple, and due to reader usage, takes less than one second.

Signature pad integration for visitor consent collection (electronic copy storage)

Scared of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? If you don’t have modern tools, we believe you should be. With Kivos Reception, you will collect clients’ consents in a fast and modern way. Storing of such documents on a secured file server, keeps you on the safe side of the GDPR. You can continue caring about your clients, while your competitors are deleting their data, scared about facing the two million euro fine.

Alerting module

Define what you are looking for and let our Alering module do the job. It’s no problem if you need to know whose birthday it is or who is barred from your casino, or if you want to perform sophisticated promotional actions with advanced rules. Kivos Reception can handle that. You will get a notification on your screen after the situation happens or a detail of what action should be performed. Not in the casino? That’s not a problem…. Set up SMS or email delivery.

Full integration with CRM and MLP modules

Collect necessary information about players simply and effectively. Configure CRM and MLP modules to request data from the Reception module after the client enters the casino. Receptionist will see the necessary forms and indicate the missing data. The client doesn’t want to provide data? You decide what to in this case. Need to analyze where your clients come from or who they are? Not a problem at all. Kivos Reception analysis will do it for you.

Full integration with the Surveillance module

The surveillance department will receive an alert if someone suspicious is entering the casino. Let them choose what should happen in such a case—show the silent alarm to the receptionist or inform the shift manager. They can decide what will happen.

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