Kivos Surveillance Operator Log

Features description

Daily log of all situations monitored by the surveillance department

Get a clear daily log with all necessary information saved in a consistent, structured way. In Kivos SOL all data and information are saved as specific types: incidents, phone/radio calls, info, tasks. Every piece of information can be linked to another so you can navigate from document to document via related hyperlinks.

Predefined forms and checklists for quick data entry

Kivos SOL gives you the opportunity to tidy up all surveillance records and, at the same time, speed up recording processes. Kivos SOL has a specialized entry form that makes the recording process easier and faster. At the same time, after the data is entered and categorized, it’s much easier and faster to find it later. Additionally, Kivos SOL offers predefined checklists that operators can follow and/or fill in. This will take your surveillance department to the next level.

Alarm module

Don’t count only on phone calls from other departments—it looks bad and it’s not effective. Configure a set of rules according to which your Surveillance department will receive alerts directly in their software. Cash desks, tables, slots, reception modules—all can trigger alerts. Every alert has its own history with information on who opened what and when. Every alarm can also be linked to an incident or other type of information.

Tidy up your surveillance room and put all your suspects’ pictures in a virtual gallery. The gallery shows all pictures on a loop to help the surveillance staff learn it by heart. Eliminate the necessity of excessive phone calls from/to other departments with information about players. Kivos SOL will show an alert whenever the person you are looking for attempts to enter the casino.

Support for security department

Use Kivos SOL as support for your Security department without buying extra software. The same application and the same database can be used, with full data separation and without any danger of data leak. All information stays in its source department and among entitled staff, unless you decide to share it.

Data sharing

Surveillance data is confidential, so data security is our main concern. However, if all that collected data stays in surveillance databases, you will have much lower profits from having one of the most expensive departments in casino management. Kivos SOL gives you the option to share data to other employees, with or without the option to print/export. Every printout has a watermark that shows who printed it, so information is traceable at any time.

Access to a selection of data from other modules

Give your surveillance department access to a selection of important data from cash desks, tables, slots, reception, CRM, and MLP modules. All these contain critical data that might be necessary for your Surveillance department to proceed with checks. Let them check not only table games, but also slot games and the quality of system records.

Visualize clear casino structure (cameras, items).

Picture all casino structure (cameras, items, and facilities) with Kivos SOL. Results of all analyses are as good as records inserted in the system. Without proper categorization and solid attachment to casino structure, even the most complete records will be useless because no one will ever find them. With Kivos SOL, your records will have the most organized structure ever.

Support for repeatable tasks (e.g. camera check)

Save time and earn profits from tasks you can process faster than ever before. Kivos SOL lets you set up repeatable tasks; entering the result of a procedure will take half of the time you needed for it before.

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