Kivos Cash desk

Features description

One cage fits all.

Have only one cash desk that will support all operations: slot games, table games, junket groups, and others. With Kivos Cash Desk, there is no need to create separated ones.

All options are configurable.

Picture all money flow (cash, chips, other values) over the casino and get a complete record of financial processes (buy/sell/exchange) and transfers between cash desk (e.g. table buy-in and buy-out, deposits/withdrawals, and other funds-related operations). Quickly and easily create shortcuts to the most popular transaction that you will be able to process in two clicks.

Works on top of slot accounting systems

Work on top of existing systems—Kivos CMS can do that. Kivos can cover all money operations in the casino or share it with other systems. If you choose so, Kivos can integrate with your online system. In this case, all necessary data will be imported and used to balance the operations. Worried about putting your casino upside down when migrating to a new system? Don’t! We don’t force you to throw out all you have.

Alarms for transactions

Forget about constant phone calls informing about specific transactions. If there are transaction crossing limits, Kivos Cash Desk will automatically send an alarm to the surveillance department. Do you need the surveillance department to check a table fill or credit? They will get notifications with detailed breakdown.

Support for chips/money count

Kivos Cash Desk supports drop count, tip count, and slot count. Modernize your count—with Kivos Cash Desk, all data entered is automatically cross-checked. Cask Desk also mechanically cross-checks your slot count with theoretical data from the online-system. All the data is automatically transferred to the results sheet. Would you like to speed up count procedure even more? Let us integrate our Count module with your counting machine.

Automated chip balance analysis

“Never retype data”—that’s our company motto. With our software, you will do your chip balance in 30 seconds and get alerts when day-to-day differences cross specified limits.

Complete support for junkets

Support groups of players with no hassle? With our software, it’s possible. Our procedures will let you go through the complete process, from players’ registrations and deposits to complete settlement of the group.

Comprehensive and sophisticated reporting

Get all your reports done with our software. Kivos Cash Desk delivers transactions reports, discrepancies analyses, results reports, financial reports, trends analyses, and revenue analyses. Do you need more? In other modules we have more than this brochure can handle. If you could not find what you need, we can add it for you.

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