Kivos CRM

Features description

Fully configurable list of customers

You decide which information about clients you will collect and what is mandatory information that must be provided. You can set up how that data is divided into groups. Worried about data security? If you use Kivos Reception, you don’t need to be. It’s not an Excel sheet. You decide who will have read and write access.

Total data integration

With the Kivos CRM module, all employees are involved in data collection—even if they don’t know. All player-related information that is inserted into Kivos Casino Management System is used to build players’ profiles. Every attempt to enter the casino, every drink order, cash drop, slot play, or cash transaction lets you know who your client is and what their habits are. This gives you the power to have the most superior customer service.

Integration with external systems (DRGT/IGT)

Have you decided to use external slot accounting? It’s not a problem for our system. Kivos CRM automatically imports players’ sessions and uses those to build the client’s profile. We use each and every opportunity to collect as much information as possible. Information is power; however, you must know how to use it. Kivos CRM delivers information in an organized and structured way after checking and correcting it.

Automated customer categorization

Kivos CRM delivers a complete tool that helps structure data and draw conclusions. With Kivos CRM, you can easily set up rules that will let the system automatically updates players’ ranks and categorizations. All customer care specialists know how difficult it is to say which customer is better and which is worse. Even if they have found a fast way to do this, it’s very difficult to keep already completed categorization up to date. With Kivos CRM, all information and conclusions are up to date and clear like never before.

Marketing campaigns that bring profits for months

Casinos often hold promotions, giving out tickets, free spins, and so on. That attracts people to the casino, but it would be brilliant to get these kinds of promotions to work for a longer amount of time…to attract people not only today, but also in the following days/weeks/months. How can you do this? Kivos CRM has an answer for that. We can help you organize promotions when clients get their prizes and provide the casino with their contact data. This way the casino is free to invite these customers to the casino over and over again, even in such a restrictive market like Europe with its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customer service support

Take good care of your customers so they will be happy to come and spend their money in your casino. Get SMS and email notifications about important dates of clients, contact them on time, keep track of promises you make, and pass clients to a new customers’ caretaker (if necessary) without losing points with them. You can achieve all this and much more with Kivos CRM.

Tournament support

Is organizing slot tournaments too complicated? Do you not have the proper tools at your disposal? You can organize tournaments easily with Kivos CRM. Show scoring on TV displays and encourage players to compete. Take advantage of this exciting atmosphere and increased turnover.

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