Kivos Slot Management

Features description

Slot system

Get advantage of using our online slot system, with accounting module, ticketing, and jackpot. It’s simple but powerful. Are you worried about your already purchased system? You can choose to use your existing external slot system like DRGT or IGT. We can work on top of it .

Automated importing of external data

Even if you choose to use an external slot system for accounting and/or jackpot, you will also get the advantages of using Kivos Slot Management. Kivos imports for you all necessary data right after it is generated. For all meters —daily, hourly, periodic (5 minute)—events are visible in Kivos Slot Management right after they are located in the source system. Moreover, advanced mechanisms of the Kivos system will check data probability and alert you if any irregularity is found.

Slots’ analyses are based on internal and/or external online systems.

Take advantage of the Kivos Slot Management Analytics feature. With daily, hourly, or summary analyses, all the necessary factors you need to make proper decisions are at your fingertips. You will simply and easily find the information indicating the machine’s performance, ways to improve it, and threats to avoid.

Sophisticated alarm module—automated detection of dangerous situations

Get the system that every minute analyzes over 20 thousand records looking for discrepancies or traces of misbehavior. The whole module is fully configurable, giving you control of what and how Kivos Slot Management searches for you, starting with the easiest situation, ending with elaborate statistical analysis that will alert you if it finds irregularity in players’ behavior.

Do you need to know if someone plays very little, only few games, and wins high? This is one of the simple actions that Kivos can detect.

Need to improve customer service, Kivos will alarm you wherever handpay will take more than given time.

Maintenance module with automatically created tasks

Utilize the alarm module to find situations in which your maintenance team should react. Kivos Slot Management automatically triggers tasks for your team based on events from slots. Track your maintenance team’s performance with a clear and structured record of their activity. Analyze maintenance costs and time in a configurable way.

Spare parts warehouse

Control your spending on spare parts. Keep as few spare parts and materials as possible. Kivos Slot Management module will show you whether your stock of spare parts is too low or too high, together with parts consumption during the last period. With our tools, you can stay calm, being sure that if something breaks down, your maintenance team will not run out what they need to address the problem.

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