Kivos Human Resources

Features description

Employees’ files

Quickly and easily create complete employee files with all data embedded in the information system. All necessary information, including personal data, recruitment history, contracts, scheduling, settlement, payroll, and others are included. Due to Kivos HR’s rich configuration options, everything can be structured just the way you need it.


Hire the best staff in the fastest and most modern way. Publish job offers directly from our software and collect applications via the WEB module. With our tool, you will never forget to answer anyone on time. You can create records that will send reminders when you need to follow up. Are you worried about large cabinet files? You can keep all of scanned personal data in our software.

Trainings and certificates

Plan, realize, and evaluate trainings without hassle. Expired certificates and professional qualifications can cause serious problems. With our software, you can set up notifications in advance to ensure you never forget about expiring documents. Cost effectiveness of training is a key feature. With our tool, you will get a full evaluation of the trainings.


Register all absences in advance or afterward with ease. All the records are categorized and easily accessible, making settlement and creating a payroll fast and easy.


Plan your employees’ work schedules quicker than ever before. Because of the link between absences and previous schedules, all the data you need is at your fingertips. Our tool gives you the power to create repeatable models as well with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Schedule sharing

Let your employee check the schedules from any place at any time and with any device they have by automated sharing on our secured site via our WEB module. Do you prefer that employees get their schedules on paper? No problem! Let them print their schedules on the ticket printer. Are you worried about further changes to your schedule? Not a problem! With our messaging feature, everyone will get email notifications after the changes are approved.

Break lists

Create break lists for your staff and publish them on wall screens in easy-to-see places. It’s simple, fast, and effective. Need to remember about a break after a position change or after the time has passed? Our software takes care of it according to the rules you set up in the module.

Working time registration

Forget about manual work, retyping the hours and working times of your employees. Connect RFID or biometrics readers and get all that data automatically to payroll. Worried about inadequate records? The employees’ direct superiors will get notifications if there is overtime to approve.

Praise and rebukes

You can structure praise and rebukes with points and cash. Depending on the configuration, both can be applied automatically based on the situation. Direct superiors can report abuses and you can create clear rules on who has approval to apply praise and rebukes. Use everything together, creating a payroll and adding praise and deducting fines.

Abuse reports

The Kivos HR module is fully integrated into Kivos Casino Management System. You can report directly into your HR module and view all the reports from the Surveillance department, shorts from the Cash Desk department, and dealers’ mistakes from the optical chips and cards detection system.


With our software, you can handle every situation, for example, employee overpayment. With Kivos HR’s rich options, you can have a flexible structure repayment plan and deduct amounts from salaries according to the plan you choose.

Cost reimbursement

All the costs incurred by employees should be reimbursed. Kivos HR module allows you to register them with categories and the currency in which they were paid. The system automatically recalculates the costs into the natural currency of the casino and adds to the employee’s salary if the cost has not been paid before.

Wall screens

All important information that you have to share can be shown on wall screens: schedules, break lists, and important public messages. You can decide what to show and how much screen time you want it to take up. Wall screens will show all the information on loop according to your plan.

Compliance with Law

The Kivos HR Module complies with the law of the country where it is offered. We guarantee adjustment to changing regulation for any subscription time.

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