Kivos Table module

Features description

Adequate table results at any time

Due to our optical detection usage, current float and all cash drops are detected automatically; this gives you fast and accurate results of the table at any time. Our mechanisms only take three seconds to count float. Even if you decided not to use our detection features, with this pair of applications—mobile Kivos Table Client and Kivos Table Manager—you can get proper results with minimal effort. Worried about employees who may forget to enter data? Kivos notifies them when it’s time do to their hourly count.

Automated float and cash drop optical detection

Put chips and or cash on the drop area for a second and let our system to do the job for you. With our sophisticated mechanisms, we can even detect which player the drop comes from. With the combination of these two elements, Kivos takes player tracking to the next level.

Player tracking

Measure real players’ strengths based not only on player’s results, but on theoretical wins/losses. With the Kivos Table module, it’s easy to find and gives you powerful results when you need to decide whether a player deserves the prize or not. It will also give you precise real results based on table games, slot games, and cash desk operations when you calculate the discount.

Card readers

Assigning players to tables/positions/drops is easy like never before. You can scan a player’s card or use a variety of options to find them, including a list of recent players, reception entries, a favorites list, or a simple but powerful search.

Complete registry of tables’ transactions

Get all tables’ transactions structured and registered—fills, credits, cash drops, openings, closings, and differences. Once registered, you will not need to enter that information again. We will automatically invoke it when preparing results sheets. All fill or credit requests will be visible automatically in the Kivos Cash Desk application with no hassle, no phone calls, and no mistakes—just complete integration.

Configurable alarms

Information is power. You need to react when a table’s lost or drop value exceeds a given value. With Kivos Tables module, you don’t need to ask anyone to check and remember to do a count. Our automated mechanisms will do the job. Your surveillance department will get an alarm automatically on the Surveillance module and can start the investigation immediately.

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