Kivos Money Laundering Prevention

Features description

Full integration

Our Money Laundering Prevention module is fully integrated with other Kivos modules. All information that is available in other modules and required by law will be used for processing according to your procedures.

Custom configuration of transactions and printed forms

Configure all observed transactions up to local law requirements with observation thresholds, exceptions, and special behaviours. Freely set up templates for all printed forms.

Simplified forms for quick data entry

Register transactions without losing time using simplified entry forms. Connect passport and RFID readers to speed up procedures and avoid potentially costly legal mistakes.

Electronic storage of signed forms

Collect clients’ signatures quickly with the most up-to-date methods. Use electronic signature pads—Kivos MLP is a worldwide unique tool that provides such a feature. Use automated scanners to process traditional documents into electronic form. Avoid keeping tons of signed documents that no one will ever review.

Law legislation compliance

Kivos MLP is compliant with your local legislation. If a law changes, CISNET will adjust it to your need.

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