Our manifest features four driving aspects.

Flexibility—As the business changes, software must too.

All casino management systems that are currently on the market have hardcoded features that are impossible to change without expensive and time-consuming system reprogramming. Based on that, CISNET decided to make a system in which almost every feature is configurable and flexible. Moreover, CISNET will always encourage you to make necessary changes, because only casinos that adjust to market situations will have longevity.

Completeness—Complete system over profits.

While most developers are focusing on slot accounting systems and jackpots, neglecting other areas of operation, CISNET has built a truly complete casino management system. Being in touch with our customers on a daily basis allows us to see that other areas are not less important, but urgently require specialized tools. Based on this, we created our worldwide unique tools like our Surveillance module, Human Resource module, and Money Laundering Prevention module.

Input only once—The user should never have to retype data.

The second most time-consuming task (right after complicated calculations) is retyping data to the system. CISNET found that in existing systems, necessity of data retyping still persists. Even in the most up-to-date systems, often we see that a single operation must be inserted three times—for example, once to the cash desk module, once to the slot system, and once to the players’ tracking modules. Kivos CMS is different. Once the data is inserted, it is used over the entire system under the motto “Total data integration.” Wherever it’s necessary to pull data from external sources, Kivos does it automatically.

Data is value—Collect it for a purpose.

Many times, we noticed that systems don’t let users collect necessary data, or the other way around—users could collect the data, but the systems don’t give the users the tools to utilize the it. Based on that, Kivos never asks to collect data that is not necessary and will always give you the tools to use it.

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